You have been looking at your crooked smile for longer than you can remember, wishing that your teeth weren’t crowded together, that your bite was aligned, or that you didn’t have that extra space between your teeth.

You should like your smile. 

And you should not feel like you have to hide your teeth when you speak or when you eat in front of someone else.

Don’t let your feelings about your smile become an obstacle to meeting new people or pursuing your professional goals. It’s time to take control of your situation.

Invisalign clear aligners could give you the straight teeth that you want. Take charge of your smile situation.

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Put Forward Your Best Smile

In as little as 12 months, your smile situation could be completely different.

After you finish your orthodontic treatment, you could be looking at the smile of your dreams when you see your reflection. Having the kind of smile you like can improve your confidence, and that can make a world of difference in your everyday life. 

You can feel more at ease scheduling a business meeting with a potential client. When you don’t feel self-conscious about your teeth, you can focus on selling your product and services.

Having a smile you like makes your social life more enjoyable, too. You can let your personality shine when you are getting to know new friends or a potential romantic partner.

When you like your smile, you don’t want to hide it. This can help you come across as friendly, welcoming, and more confident. All of those factors can benefit you personally and professionally.

Complete Your Smile Transformation

Your first step toward your new smile is scheduling a consultation to discuss how you would like your teeth to change. We can answer your questions about clear aligners and help you determine if you are a good candidate for this smile solution.

Moving forward, you will receive a custom-designed set of aligners for your teeth. You will each aligner for a few weeks at a time before replacing it with the next one in your sequence.

Because the aligners are transparent, most people won’t realize you are wearing them.

Unlike braces, your aligners are removable. This can make a lot of things simpler. You can remove your aligners during meals, which means you can eat what you like throughout your treatment. It also means you can brush and floss without needing special tools or techniques. Just remember to clean your aligners before putting them back in.

Your aligners are smooth, too, which makes them more comfortable to wear than brackets and wires.

Make the Change

You are ready to see what’s possible with Invisalign aligners. You can have straight teeth and a confident smile.

Call 361-209-8609 or contact us online to make your appointment at Sabal Dental in Rockport, TX. Let’s give your smile you want to have.