Let Your Smile Shine With Dental Cleanings & Exams in Holly Corpus Christi

We all want to have a happy, healthy smile. But great-looking smiles that function as they should don’t just happen by accident. You have to keep up with your Holly Corpus Christi dental cleanings and exams at Sabal Dental. Along with the American Dental Association, we recommend that you see us every six months for a checkup. These regular visits will help you:

  • Enjoy your best smile and optimal oral health
  • Confidently smile wherever you go
  • Potentially avoid more extensive dental work in the future
  • Reduce the likelihood of experiencing a dental emergency

Take a moment now to schedule your next cleaning and exam. Call Sabal Dental at 361-301-8988. We can provide treatment for your whole family, from babies to seniors. Plus, we offer sedation and patient amenities like pillows and blankets to help you feel at home.

Trust in Our Expertise to Keep You Smiling

Sabal Dental has kept thousands of patients in healthy smiles for many years. We’ll be happy to do the same for you. The building block of a gorgeous grin is a dental cleaning and exam. Regular checkups help us catch and treat small oral problems before they become big headaches. If this is your first checkup with us, here’s how your visit will go:

  • Your hygienist will take a dental history to better understand your current oral health and smile care needs.
  • We’ll take digital X-rays and perform a complete exam to look for cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer.
  • Your hygienist will clean and polish all your teeth, paying special attention to areas that are hard to reach.
  • Your dentist will also examine your mouth, teeth, gums, and bite to double check for any issues.
  • We’ll recommend any needed treatments, including preventive care such as fluoride applications or dental sealants.

Give your smile excellent care with Holly Corpus Christi dental cleanings and exams from Sabal Dental. Call us today at 361-301-8988 to schedule appointments for you and your family. You can also make appointments online.