Missing teeth are not fun for anyone. However, the right teeth replacements can do more than restore your smile. They can give you back your quality of life and improve it for years to come.

Getting dental implants in Angleton, TX could help you. Call Sabal Dental at 979-291-0952 to get these three benefits (and more).

1. Jaw Health

The roots of your teeth anchor your teeth to your jaw. They also provide stimulation to encourage new bone tissue growth that keeps your jaw healthy. Implants function as replacement roots, which replicates the stimulation that your jaw needs.

2. Bite Strength

By getting implants, you also create a direct connection from your jaw to your dental restorations. This allows you to bite with force comparable to someone with a full set of healthy teeth.

3. Overall Heath

Being able to eat a variety of foods makes a difference in your health as you get older. With sufficient biting power and a strong jaw, you can ensure that you can eat what you like and eat the things you need to get sufficient nutrients.

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