Sleep apnea is a serious condition that affects your sleep quality and overall health. Fortunately, oral appliances offer an effective solution. 

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Improved Sleep Quality

Oral appliances help keep your airway open, allowing for uninterrupted, restful sleep.

Convenience & Comfort

These appliances are small, portable, and comfortable to wear, unlike bulky CPAP machines.

Enhanced Daytime Alertness

Better sleep means you’ll feel more refreshed and alert during the day, improving your overall productivity.

Reduced Health Risk

Treating sleep apnea can lower the risk of serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Quiet Operation

Oral appliances operate silently, unlike CPAP machines, ensuring a peaceful sleep environment for you and your partner.

If you suspect you have sleep apnea, don’t wait to seek treatment. 

Call 512-598-9906 or schedule online to set up a consultation to discuss your sleep apnea treatment at Sabal Dental in Rockdale, TX. Discover what one of our appliances can do for you.