Time is winding down on 2021. However, you still have time to do something good for yourself before 2022 arrives.

You can schedule a dental checkup, which can help you sustain your healthy smile for many years to come. Our team at Sabal Dental wants to keep you smiling for as long as possible.

By visiting us regularly, you can fight cavities and gum disease or get treatment before small issues turn into big problems. We hope to see you soon. If you have a PPO dental insurance plan, it’s particularly important that you stop by before the year ends. You don’t want your benefits to expire.

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Focus on Prevention

Dental insurance is designed to encourage you to focus on preventive care. Most plans will cover much if not all of the cost of your routine checkups. After all, the cost of a cleaning is less than the cost of a crown or a tooth replacement.

More importantly, avoiding dental problems is the best approach for your oral health. It’s far better for you to take steps to sustain your smile:

  • Brush twice daily
  • Floss daily
  • Visit the dentist regularly for cleanings and exams

Don’t risk losing teeth. Instead, make dental appointments an integral part of your oral care routine. They are a great complement to your daily oral hygiene habits.

Take Advantage of Your Benefits

You should keep in mind that dental insurance is different than your car insurance. It’s not something you pay for just in case something happens.

Dental insurance is meant to be used, and it’s in your best interest to use it. As we noted above, your policy is set up to encourage to get routine dental care. However, if you don’t use your benefits, they expire at the end of the year.

You may be thinking that you’ll just renew your dental insurance next year. Well, you plan can change from year to year. Even if you sign up for the same policy, the specifics of what is covered can vary from year to year.

In other words, this year’s benefits are this year’s benefits. If you don’t use them, you do lose them.

See Us Soon

Before you get too busy with the holiday season, schedule a dental appointment at Sabal Dental if you haven’t already done so. We want to see you smiling for many years to come.

Call 979-291-0952 or use our online form to plan a visit to our Corpus Christi, TX practice. Keep your healthy smile looking its best.