Protect Your Teeth With General Dentistry in Austin

Healthy smiles don’t just happen on their own. You need to have a good oral care routine with daily brushing and flossing. Your routine also should include professional care, which you can receive with our general dentistry in Austin, TX.

Come to see us if you want to:

  • Improve your dental and overall health
  • Avoid cavities, dry mouth, gum disease, and other dental problems
  • Discuss your dental challenges and smile goals with our team
  • Have an attractive smile that you’re proud to share

Call Sabal Dental at 512-955-5527 for personal and professional oral care services. Our team wants to keep you smiling for years to come!

Choose Routine Care for Optimal Oral Health

At Sabal Dental, you can count on our team for complete dental care. You can come here for all of these services:

  • Professional Cleanings – Remove plaque and tartar buildup from your teeth. We’ll clean the places that are difficult to reach at home and prevent cavities and gum disease.
  • Professional Exams – Identifying problems early makes a difference in your oral health and treatment. We get a detailed look at your mouth using advanced technology such as digital X-rays and intraoral cameras. We can share images with you, too, to give you a better understanding of your situation.
  • Fluoride and Sealants – Fluoride treatments can make your teeth more resistant to decay. Dental sealants coat your teeth, creating a kind of shield against harmful bacteria.
  • Personalized Mouthguards – Protect your loved ones’ winning smiles with custom-molded sports mouthguards. You can also prevent TMJ problems by stopping clenching and grinding with night guards. Improve the quality of your sleep with an oral appliance to treat sleep apnea.
  • Periodontal Treatment – You should seek care at the first sign of gum disease. We offer a non-surgical solution with scaling and root planing. We also have a dental laser to remove infected tissue.
  • Dry Mouth and Halitosis Treatments – Dry mouth and bad breath affect millions of people. Work with us to determine the source of your problem and find the right fix for you.

Going to the dentist isn’t easy if it causes you to feel anxious. We want to ease your nerves. This starts with our friendly team, who are happy to provide comfort options such as blankets and pillows. If you need addition helps, ask about our sedation dentistry.

Call Sabal Dental at 512-955-5527 for your general dentistry in Austin, TX. You can also schedule an appointment online.