We believe in keeping our patients informed so they can make the best decisions about their dental care. One of the ways we plan to keep doing this is through our new Sabal Dental blog. Here you will find tips and advice to help you maintain a healthy smile. Check back here regularly to stay up-to-date.

For our initial blog post, we want to highlight some of the ways that set our dental practice apart. We hope you enjoy reading!

We Offer You Convenient Hours

We understand that it’s not always easy to fit in your dental care around your other responsibilities. To make it easier to schedule, we’re open when you need us to be; our office hours are 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Feel free to schedule your appointment at a time that works for you, around work or school. You won’t miss out on life, plus you’ll get great dental care in the process.

Dental Sedation Will Keep You Relaxed

Many of our patients need a little something extra to make it possible for them to receive their dental care comfortably. If you’re nervous about coming to the dentist, then inhaled sedation with laughing gas is your answer.

It will put you in a relaxed state so you can lie back worry-free while we tend to your smile. Best of all, the effects of the sedative will diminish quickly once we give you fresh oxygen, so you’ll feel completely normal again in no time.

You’ll Enjoy Our Patient Amenities

We invite you to take us up our cozy touches. You can get a drink of your choice from our beverage station before you go back for your checkup or procedure. Then, to help you feel right at home, we offer soft pillows and warm blankets. We want you to feel right at home while you’re in our care.

Plus, our staff is specially trained to be as gentle as possible, taking time to fully explain your treatment and answer any questions you have.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this issue of our new Sabal Dental blog. If you have any questions, or if you need to schedule an appointment, call one of our eight locations that’s nearest to you: