You need rest. You feel tired constantly, and your family is always complaining about your snoring.

These are clues that you may have sleep apnea, which is a sleep disorder that affects your everyday life and your quality of life. It’s also why you should talk to one of our doctors at Sabal Dental about sleep apnea treatment in Corpus Christi.

We are sharing three reasons that you should today.

1. You Are Getting Poor Sleep

When you have sleep apnea, you are waking up frequently. In severe cases, you may be waking up 30 or more times every hour. That means you aren’t asleep long enough to enjoy deep sleep, which leaves you feeling sleep-deprived.

2. Your Body Is Under Stress

For people with obstructive sleep apnea, breathing stoppages occur because their airway becomes closed off when they fall asleep. That creates added stress, which can increase your blood pressure and raise your risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, and strokes.

3. It Affects Your Mood and the Mood of Those Around You

Since you aren’t getting the sleep that you need, you are more likely to become irritable and annoyed. Since you are snoring, you are preventing your loved ones from getting the sleep they need, too. That leaves everyone frustrated, which can be detrimental to your relationships.

It’s time you started getting the rest you need, improving your health, and building better relationships with the people you care about. Call 979-291-0952 or online to make your appointment at Sabal Dental in Corpus Christi, TX.