Restorative Dentistry Call To Rebuild Your Smile
  • Enjoy eating again & bring back your healthy bite
  • Replace missing teeth with our many options
  • Return your smile to health with restorative care

Rejuvenate Your Oral Health With Your Rockdale Restorative Dentist

Stats Image Over a third of people in the U.S. are missing one or more teeth. Source.
It would be wonderful if you went through life without any problems. In the real world, however, everyone has problems from time to time – including dental issues like cavities. We can’t help with all of life’s troubles, but your restorative dentist in Rockdale, TX is ready to repair your smile when needed. You should come to us if you want to:

  • End toothaches
  • Repair decayed teeth
  • Rebuild broken smiles
  • Fix cracked teeth
  • Replace lost teeth
  • Speak clearly
  • Eat what you want
  • Recreate a complete smile

You can count on remarkable oral care at Sabal Dental. Make plans to revive your healthy smile by calling 512-598-9906 today.

Put Power Into Your Bite With Restorative Dental Care

Cavities, accidents, infections, and injuries all can have a detrimental effect on your healthy smile. Fortunately, you have many ways to make your smile as good if not better than it has ever been with our restorative services:

  • Tooth Fillings – Our composite fillings look like a natural part of your tooth. Fillings also protect your teeth against further decay.
  • Root Canals – This procedure is how we remove infected tissue from the inside of your tooth, stop your pain, and fix your smile.
  • Dental Crowns – Crowns can be used to repair teeth that are broken, cracked, decayed, or worn-down.
  • Inlays and Onlays – These restorations are great for cavities that are too large for fillings yet don’t require a full crown.
  • Dental Bridges – If you are missing teeth, a bridge will close the gap in your smile and give you back your ability to eat and speak naturally.
  • Dentures – We offer both full removable and partial dentures. You can have a complete smile whether you have lost several teeth or an entire row of teeth.
  • Provisional Restorations – These are temporary restorations that you will wear while your permanent crowns, bridges, or dentures are being made.
  • Dental Implants – For replacement teeth that function like the real thing, you need them to be secure and stable. Implants provide this by replacing the roots of your missing teeth.
  • PFM Restorations – With porcelain fused to metal, you have a restoration that looks like a natural part of your smile along and is built to last for years.

Don’t wait any longer to fix what is wrong with your teeth! Schedule an appointment with your Rockdale, TX restorative dentist. Call 512-598-9906 or schedule online to set up your visit to Sabal Dental.

Common Questions About Restorative Dentistry

What does restorative dentistry include?

Restorative dentistry repairs and replaces your teeth to give you back a beautiful smile and strong bite. Restorative services include tooth fillings, dental crowns, dental bridges, inlays, onlays, dentures, root canal treatment, dental implants, and more. With these restorations, your dentist can make eating more comfortable for you and give you the confidence to show a full smile wherever you go.

What are the benefits of restorative dentistry?

A healthy mouth is so much more than clean teeth and gums. Throughout your lifetime, you may need some type of restorative dental care to treat issues with teeth and gums that cause pain or discomfort, interfere with your oral function, or threaten your oral health in general. Restorative dentistry services address problems like cavities, tooth infection, dental injuries, and tooth loss to keep your teeth functional and your mouth healthy.

What is the difference between restorative and cosmetic dentistry?

Restorative dentistry focuses on repairing damaged teeth and replacing missing teeth. Cosmetic dentistry is used to improve the appearance of teeth that are overall in good shape. There is some overlap between these two types of dentistry. Restorative treatments will often give a patient a more attractive smile, and certain cosmetic services such as tooth bonding can repair small dental damage.