Cavities affect more than 90 percent of people, according to the National Institutes of Health. Fortunately, you can be proactive to reduce your risk of problems or to increase your odds of finding tooth decay when it is small and easily treated.

1. Brush & Floss

Let’s start with the things you should be doing daily. Brushing your teeth twice for two minutes each time and floss between your teeth and gums once per day. These steps remove harmful bacteria, plaque, and food particles that can become fuel for bacteria.

2. Dental Cleanings

Most people don’t brush and floss perfectly every time. Many people don’t do these things as often as they should. That makes it even more important to come in for regular checkups. During a professional cleaning, we remove plaque and tartar buildup. We also examine your smile for any signs of decay or gum disease and recommend treatments when needed.

3. Dental Sealants

Think of sealants as a shield for your teeth. This creates a physical barrier to protect teeth against the bacteria mentioned above.

4. Fluoride Treatment

If sealants are a shield, fluoride treatments make your teeth more resilient. Fluoride can repair minor problems, and it can make your teeth more resistant to decay.

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