You deserve to be happy and healthy. If you are missing teeth, this makes replacing them important.

To get the most from your new teeth, you also need dental implants, which you can find at our office in Harlingen, TX. Here are a few reasons why you should.

Secure Your Teeth

Implants are basically new roots for all practical purposes. They keep your replacement teeth firmly anchored to your jawbone.

Rebuild Your Bite Power

Implants allow you to bite and chew as well as someone with a full set of teeth. That means you can eat what you like without worrying about losing your new teeth.

Enjoy a Great Smile

With implants to keep your new teeth in place, you can enjoy the confidence that comes with a natural smile.

Stop Bone Loss

Bone loss is one of the most common consequences of missing teeth. Dentures, by themselves, won’t prevent that bone loss from occurring. Implants, however, encourage new bone growth to keep your jaw healthy and strong.

Revitalize your smile. Get dental implants at Sabal Dental. Schedule an appointment by calling 361-317-7226 or contacting us online.