You want to stay in the game. You want to keep sharing your winning smile long after the competition is over, and you want a full set of teeth for decades to come.

If you play sports, more than likely you should be wearing a sports mouthguard, which we are happy to make for you at Sabal Dental in Corpus Christi. These custom mouthguards are better than store-bought mouthguards for multiple reasons.

Better Protection

Since our mouthguards are made from a mold of your teeth, they fit your teeth as well as possible. This is similar to why professional drivers wear a five-point harness while racing instead of the standard seat belt that you have in your family vehicle. Both offer a level of protection, but in a high-speed situation where the risk of injury is higher, you want the best protection possible.

Greater Comfort

Boil-and-bite mouthguards tend to be bulky. This can make them uncomfortable to wear. A custom mouthguard is slimmer, which makes it more likely that you will wear it while practicing or playing your sport of choice.

Ease of Use

Since custom mouthguards are smaller, you can speak, breathe, and stay hydrated without having to remove them. Bigger mouthguards can interfere with how you communicate during a match or game and often have to be removed so you can get water. Keeping your mouthguard in throughout the game means you are much less likely to forget to put it back in.

Get your athletic mouthguard instead of coming to see us for a dental emergency. Call Sabal Dental in Corpus Christi, TX at 361-256-5958 or make an appointment online.