Set the Stage for Healthy Smiles With Tooth Extractions in Rockdale

A vast majority of the time, keeping your teeth is the best option for your oral health. This is why we offer so many restorative services. Even so, there will be times with tooth extractions in Rockdale, TX are your best solution for an oral health problem. By taking out teeth, you can:

  • End the pain of an aching, infected tooth
  • Address the problem of crowded teeth
  • Make room for replacement teeth
  • Avoid additional dental problems
  • Improve your future oral health

Don’t ignore dental pain, teeth that look wonky, or teeth that have been severely damaged due to decay or injury. Call Sabal Dental now at 512-598-9906.

Take Out Teeth That Hurt Your Oral Health

Removing teeth is a type of oral surgery, although it is also a fairly standard dental procedure. When we can, we will save your tooth with a crown or root canal. However, we also have good reasons to take out teeth, such as these situations:

  • Preparing for Orthodontic Care – Crowding can make orthodontic treatment more complicated. Taking out one or a few teeth can make it easier for you to get the results that you want in less time.
  • Preparing for Dental Implants – If you only have a few teeth left, taking them out so you can get implant dentures can be the simplest and most effective way to restore the full function of your teeth.
  • Your Tooth Can’t Be Saved – A tooth can become so decayed or damaged that it cannot support a restoration. By removing this tooth, you can spare yourself weeks, months, or even years of pain.
  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth – Wisdom teeth can increase your risk of cavities and gum disease when they aren’t able to erupt correctly. They also can press into your other teeth to create alignment problems with your smile. Taking out these wisdom teeth can prevent those issues from happening.

We know that dental surgery can make many people anxious. With our sedation dentistry, you can feel confident that you’ll stay calm, relaxed, and pain-free during your appointment.

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