Give Your Smile Superior Protection With Mouthguards in Rockport

Many athletes wear helmets, goggles, pads, and other gear to protect themselves. Yet they leave their mouths exposed and vulnerable. If you doubt the need for dental protection, consider that up to 39 percent of dental injuries are related to sports, according to a Journal of the American Dental Association article. If you or others in your family are involved in sports, let our team outfit you with mouthguards in Rockport.

You can count on a custom athletic mouthguard to:

  • Fit as if it’s made just for you – because it is. We use impressions of your teeth to make a mouthguard for you right in our office.
  • Feel so comfortable you’ll wear it every time you practice or play.
  • Require no modification like the frustrating “boil-and-bite” process used to adjust the fit of store-bought mouthguards.
  • Last through many months of use, since it is made of strong and durable materials.

To protect your teeth with a custom mouthguard, call us today at 361-209-8609.

Keep Your Teeth Intact & Prevent Dental Emergencies

Both the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association suggest wearing a mouthguard during sports activities. The ADA’s recommendation even includes non-contact sports like weightlifting and gymnastics. Consider these other shocking statistics from the Journal of the American Dental Association:

  • More than five million teeth are knocked out each year, a good number of them during sporting activities
  • Replacing these teeth costs in excess of $500 million a year

A custom mouthguard can do more than protect your teeth during sports. We can also create one to treat:

  • Sleep Apnea – Whether you have sleep apnea or just a snoring problem, a custom mouthguard will help you – and others in your household – slumber throughout the night.
  • TMJ Disorders – A mouthguard can relieve the pressure that causes painful TMJ troubles. It will also stop you from grinding your teeth and clenching your jaw, habits that can damage your teeth.

For superior protection against dental damage, you need mouthguards in Rockport. Call Sabal Dental at 361-209-8609 or schedule online to set up an appointment.