Wake Up Feeling Refreshed by Treating Sleep Apnea in Austin

When you get quality sleep, it makes a big difference in how you feel when you wake up. It also helps you stay more alert and focused throughout the day. Your dentists here want that for you – and we can help by treating sleep apnea in Austin, TX. If you wake up feeling tired and struggle with fatigue during the day, you may have a sleep disorder. You can find relief by getting an oral appliance. It will:

  • Let you reach the stages of deep sleep
  • Open your airway so you breathe easily
  • Work without the noise or discomfort of a CPAP machine
  • Reduce your risk of health problems linked to apnea
  • Leave you feeling more alert and energized
  • Stop your constant snoring

Call today at 512-955-5527 to schedule an appointment at Sabal Dental. Ask for a sleep apnea evaluation during your next dental exam if your partner complains about your snoring. If needed, we can help you set up a sleep test.

Rest Better With an Easy CPAP Alternative

When you have obstructive sleep apnea, your airways close while you are sleeping. Your body responds to this by waking you up. These interruptions in breathing can be so brief that you aren’t even aware of them. However, they prevent you from reaching the stages of deep sleep. As a result, you can become sleep deprived.

Many people begin sleep apnea treatment with a CPAP machine. Yet this solution just doesn’t work for some people, because they find it uncomfortable or inconvenient. Instead, your dentist can fit you for a custom oral appliance (similar to a mouthguard) that shifts your jaw forward slightly so your airway remains open as you sleep.

Compared to a CPAP, an appliance is:

  • Simple to Use – Just pop your appliance in your mouth before you go to bed. You can put it in a case that fits in your pocket when you travel. Before you can use a CPAP, you’ll need an electrical outlet and distilled water.
  • Less Distracting – You may need a little time to adjust to sleeping with a mouthpiece. However, it’s an easier adjustment than wearing a mask that is strapped to your head and pushing air into your mouth and nose.
  • More Comfortable – You may wake up with a dry mouth after using a CPAP overnight. That is less likely to happen with a mouthguard.

Call Sabal Dental at 512-955-5527 or schedule online to treat your sleep apnea in Austin, TX. Stop snoring and start getting the rest that you deserve!