Bring Back Your Healthy Bite With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Austin

No one wants to look older than they are. Visit us to get dental crowns and bridges in Austin, TX. These versatile dental restorations can replace lost teeth and repair dental damage, so your smile doesn’t prematurely age you. They will:

  • Make your smile more attractive
  • Allow you to bite and chew without pain for more enjoyable meals
  • Reduce your risk of infections and other oral health problems
  • Save teeth that could be lost if left untreated
  • Replace one or more of your teeth

Call us today at 512-955-5527 to rebuild your smile with crowns and bridges. Our dental professionals will assess your condition with our advanced technology, like digital X-rays.

Get the Best Restorations Possible at Our Practice

The right fix for you will depend on your oral care needs. A dental crown is a good way to:

  • Fix broken and cracked teeth
  • Mend a cavity that is too large for a filling
  • Cap and protect a tooth after a root canal procedure
  • Hide discolored or misshapen teeth or other cosmetic issues

A dental bridge can be used to replace one tooth or several adjacent teeth. Your dentist places the bridge on nearby teeth that have been reshaped so they can accommodate crowns. Your bridge doesn’t need to be removed for cleaning, unlike dentures.

Prior to your procedure, we can numb your mouth with anesthesia. You can also receive dental sedation with laughing gas if you’d like.

You also can secure your crowns and bridges with dental implants. Implants and restorations give you multiple benefits:

  • Replace one tooth with a crown attached to an implant. By doing this, you don’t need to do anything to your healthy teeth. This also protects you from bone loss in your jaw by providing stimulation when you chew.
  • Secure your bridge with implants instead of reshaping healthy teeth to support your restoration. This also prevents bone loss by stimulating your jawbone so new bone tissue is created.

Call Sabal Dental at 512-955-5527 or set up an appointment online. Rebuild your healthy smile with dental crowns and bridges in Austin, TX.