Protect Teeth From Expensive Athletic Injuries With Angleton Mouthguards

Most athletes have pulled a muscle or suffered bumps and bruises while playing their sport. A surprisingly large number have experienced dental injuries too. According to the Journal of the American Dental Association, more than five million teeth are knocked out each year, many of them during athletic activities. Chipped and broken teeth are common too. Don’t stop playing your sport! Let us outfit your family’s athletes with mouthguards in Angleton.

We make athletic mouthguards right in our office so they:

  • Fit Precisely and Comfortably – We use impressions of your teeth to make your mouthguard, which gives you a custom fit you can’t get from the ones sold in stores. A better fit means more comfort, so you won’t mind wearing your mouthguard every time you take the field.
  • Need No Frustrating Adjustments – If you’ve ever tried to adjust a boil-and-bite mouthguard’s fit, you’ve probably found it less than ideal. A custom mouthguard won’t need those kinds of adjustments.
  • Stay In Place – Since it’s made to perfectly fit your mouth, your sports mouthguard will stay in your mouth even during rough play.

Interested in an athletic mouthguard? Call us today at 979-291-0952.

Custom Mouthguards Can Improve Other Aspects of Your Life

You may be surprised by what else a mouthguard can do. Our team can use them to:

  • Treat Sleep Apnea – To treat sleep apnea, we can fit you for a mouthguard that keeps your airway unobstructed so you can breathe easily and sleep throughout the night.
  • Relieve Painful TMJ Symptoms – A mouthguard relieves TMJ pain by taking pressure off your jaw. It also prevents teeth grinding and jaw clenching, two habits that can result in damage to your teeth.

For mouthguards in Angleton, call Sabal Dental at 979-291-0952 you can schedule your appointment online. Our office is located near the intersection of North Downing Street and Hospital Drive.