Stop Damage in Its Tracks With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Angleton

A broken tooth or cavity has an obvious effect on your smile’s function and appearance. Left untreated, the damage can become much worse, resulting in a painful infection that can spread to other areas of your body. Let our team repair your damage with dental crowns and bridges in Angleton to preserve your dental health – and your overall wellness.

Our restorations will:

  • Replace a single missing tooth or multiple teeth
  • Restore your ability to enjoy your favorite meals, even ones with foods that require lots of chewing
  • Give you a natural-looking and beautiful smile
  • Stop problems from worsening to the point where they can threaten your teeth and even your overall health
  • Strengthen your teeth and keep them protected from infection-causing bacteria

For tooth repair, call us today at 979-291-0952. If you’ve suffered a dental emergency, we’ll do our best to see you on the same day.

Fix a Wide Variety of Problems With a Crown or Bridge

A dental crown or bridge can fix nearly any dental problem.  A versatile crown will:

  • Fix a tooth that is too decayed to be repaired with a filling
  • Repair a break or crack in a tooth
  • Seal a tooth shut following a root canal to strengthen it and prevent bacteria from reentering
  • Replace one tooth when attached to a dental implant

A bridge can replace a single missing tooth or several missing teeth. Unlike dentures, it doesn’t need to be removed for cleaning.

Avoid Bone Loss by Using Dental Implants With Restorations

When you use dental implants to replace teeth, you avoid the bone loss that occurs with other kinds of replacement teeth. Once placed in your jaw, implants function like your natural tooth roots. Just like tooth roots do, they stimulate your jaw when you’re chewing so your bone stays strong and intact. You can replace teeth with:

  • A crown and an implant, for one tooth
  • A bridge with implants, for multiple teeth in a row
  • Dentures with implants, to replace many teeth

For dental crowns and bridges in Angleton, call Sabal Dental at 979-291-0952 or you can schedule an appointment online.