Boost Your Smile With Dental Veneers in Ingleside

They say a smile is worth a thousand words, but we’re certain that your smile will be worth far more than that when you get dental veneers in Ingleside. This versatile cosmetic treatment will:

  • Give your teeth a perfect appearance
  • Last for at least a decade if not longer
  • Improve your smile’s appearance
  • Make you look better in photographs
  • Cover a wide range of dental flaws

Get the smile you’ve always wanted! Start now by calling Sabal Dental today at 361-273-3271 for an appointment. We can complete veneers treatment in just two visits for most patients.

Reveal Beautiful Teeth Thanks to Our Veneers

It’s an unfortunate fact that an unattractive smile actually impacts how others see you. Even worse, when there is something you don’t like about your smile, it impacts how you see yourself. That’s why so many patients love the results they receive with our teeth veneers. This cosmetic solution can hide several flaws including stains, chips and cracks, rough edges, general wear-and-tear, and uneven or gapped teeth.

We have two options for you to choose from, depending on your personal needs and budget. We may recommend:

  • Traditional Veneers – We’ll need to remove a little bit of your enamel to make room for these thin porcelain shells. We customize them to the size, shape, and shade you want for your smile. They can last for 10 years or more with proper care and attention.
  • eMax Veneers – These high quality, ultra thin veneers come in many styles and last even longer than traditional veneers. We usually need to remove less of your tooth enamel as well because of their thin design.

You may want to pair your veneers treatment with other cosmetic services such as teeth whitening or teeth contouring. We can even show you a preview of your smile with a wax model, so you know what to expect.

Transform your smile with dental veneers in Ingleside. Call 361-273-3271 for an appointment or schedule online. Remember, a healthy smile is a beautiful smile, so make sure your next checkup is scheduled too!