Avoid Dental Damage With Mouthguards in Ingleside

While dental cleanings and exams help protect your smile from disease, you also need to protect your smile from damage. In fact, up to 39 percent of dental injuries are sports-related. So, if you play sports you want the right protective gear for your mouth. With our custom-made mouthguards in Ingleside, you can:

  • Reduce your need for expensive restorative dental work
  • Avoid the poor quality of store-bought mouthguards
  • Enjoy a comfortable fit that lets you speak, breath, and talk easily
  • Feel confident that you are taking care of your smile

Whether you or your child plays sports, call Sabal Dental at 361-273-3271 for an appointment.

Experience the Superior Fit & Other Benefits of a Custom Mouthguard

Even if you or your child don’t play high-contact sports, a mouthguard is necessary to wear during all kinds of athletic activities. Remember, one elbow to the mouth can cause a knocked out or chipped tooth or damage your smile in other ways. Unlike the boil-and-bite guards you may find in the store, our mouthguards:

  • Fit Comfortably – We make impressions of your teeth in order to create a mouthguard made just for you. As a result, it will be far easier to wear.
  • Last Longer – A custom-made athletic guard can last you for years  –  unlike one purchased from the store, which may last you only for the season.
  • Offer Better Protection – A mouthguard made specifically for you will offer far better coverage for your lips, teeth, gums, and tongue than a mouthguard made for the masses.

Statistics show that about five million teeth are knocked out every year. There’s no reason to become a shocking statistic when you wear an athletic mouthguard!

Mouthguards Offer Protection for Other Smile Problems

Mouthguards aren’t just for playing sports. They can also act as protection if you grind your teeth in the night or keep your airway open so you can breathe easily and get a good night’s rest. We offer help for:

  • Sleep Apnea – Find an alternative to a CPAP with a sleep guard that gently moves your jaw forward so your airways stay open while you sleep.
  • TMJ Disorders – A TMJ disorder can lead to teeth grinding habits or cause jaw pain. We’ll create a mouthguard that acts as a barrier between your teeth so your jaw can heal.

Protect your smile with mouthguards in Ingleside. Call 361-273-3271 or schedule online.