Strengthen Your Smile With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Ingleside

Even when you take great care of your smile, things can happen that impact the health of your teeth. Stress can cause you to neglect your oral care routine. Playing sports or slipping and falling can damage or knock out a tooth. Our dental crowns and bridges in Ingleside replace damaged or missing teeth and give you back your healthy bite again. With our help, you will:

  • Eat what you want without pain or discomfort
  • Boost your oral health
  • Feel better about how your smile looks and feels
  • Avoid further damage or infection
  • Enjoy a restoration that lasts you for a decade or longer

If you believe you need a crown or bridge, call 361-273-3271 for an appointment.

Turn Back the Clock on Dental Damage With a Crown or Bridge

A dental crown is a fantastic treatment option for a wide variety of oral health problems or concerns. Depending on your dental needs, we may recommend a crown to:

  • Cover up large cavities
  • Fix damaged or broken teeth
  • Protect a tooth from further infection after a root canal
  • Replace a missing tooth by pairing it with an implant
  • Beautify your teeth for cosmetic reasons

Plus, there’s no reason to be nervous during your appointment. We numb the procedure area with anesthesia and also can help you relax with our laughing gas sedation. We also do a thorough analysis of your mouth with our digital X-rays so you can trust our treatment recommendations.

Whether you have a single missing tooth or several, a dental bridge can fill in the gaps in your smile. While we offer the traditional bridge that anchors to your teeth, we also can support the bridge with dental implants. With an implant-supported bridge, we won’t have to remove tooth structure from any healthy teeth to prepare you for your bridge. Either way, you’ll enjoy a restoration that will last you for decades with good oral care habits and regular visits to the dentist.

See how dental crowns and bridges in Ingleside will give you what your smile is missing. Call Sabal Dental at 361-273-3271.