Upgrade Your Teeth With Cosmetic Dental Care

Create the perfect smile you want to see when you look in the mirror or take a selfie. Visit Sabal Dental to create a plan to transform the appearance of your teeth. Don’t hide your smile behind your hand or smiling with your lips firmly pressed together.

Come in for your preliminary consultation, and we’ll review your options to achieve your smile goals. Together we can find the right service or combination of cosmetic services, such as:

  • Dental Veneers – These porcelain shells can be bonded to the front of your teeth to conceal problems and reveal a beautiful smile.
  • Teeth Whitening – Our professional whitening quickly and effectively removes stains from your teeth.
  • Tooth Bonding – If you are looking for an economical way to fix small tooth defects like chips, fractures, spots, worn out teeth, and misshapen teeth, this is the service for you.
  • Gum Reshaping – You can do something about your “gummy” smile. Remove excess periodontal tissue so your teeth can be more visible.
  • Crown Lengthening – Redefine your gumline gives your smile a more uniform and appealing appearance.
  • Tooth Contouring – For people with large and misshapen teeth, taking away some enamel can add something to your smile.
  • Smile Makeover – Making multiple changes to your teeth can have a dramatic impact on your confidence.

Come in soon to experience a different kind of dental care. Visit your brand-new cosmetic dentist in Swinney Switch, TX, and you will not be dissatisfied. Call us at 361-529-9245 today to set up a consultation at Sabal Dental.