Family Dentistry Keep Your Family Happy & Healthy
  • Enjoy dental sedation to calm your nerves
  • Kids get stickers for their completed appointments
  • We provide care for the entire family

Let Our Family Dentist In Alameda Corpus Christi Give Your Loved Ones Great Smiles

As a parent or caregiver, you don’t want just anyone working on your family’s teeth. Naturally, you want only the best – a family dentist in Alameda Corpus Christi who is compassionate, skilled, and experienced. That’s exactly what you’ll get from Sabal Dental. Our expert team is ready to help your family smile brightly. With our care, you’ll:

  • Enjoy peace of mind about your family’s oral health
  • Let your loved ones feel confident that their smiles are attractive
  • Prevent the need for more extensive dental work down the road
  • Catch and treat small oral problems before they cause major damage

Get your family the dental care they need! Call Sabal Dental today at 361-529-9245 to schedule appointments for everyone. We’re open from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Give Your Family Excellent Dental Care

One of our goals at Sabal Dental is to get young children acquainted with good dental care at an early age. We know that doing so will help set them up for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles. It’s never too early to bring your child in to see us; we can even examine your newborn’s mouth for signs of any problems.

Our “happy visits” are designed to be as gentle and friendly as possible for children. We go at their pace and appropriate age level. They’ll be introduced to our staff and find out about some of the neat equipment we use to take care of smiles.

Once your kids are older, their appointments will more closely resemble your own checkups. We’ll take digital X-rays, perform a thorough exam, and clean their teeth. Plus, they’ll receive stickers at the end of their appointments.

Our services are designed for the entire family. We offer a wide variety of treatments that include several types of dentistry, such as:

Plus, you can always take advantage of inhaled sedation using laughing gas. If you’re nervous at all about your dental care, this relaxing sedation method will give you an all-over feeling of euphoria and help you forget all about your checkup or procedure.

To visit an outstanding family dentist in Alameda Corpus Christi, come to Sabal Dental. Call us today at 361-529-9245. to schedule an appointment. Or schedule online.

Common Questions About Family Dentistry

What is family dentistry?

Family dentistry is simply comprehensive dental care that will benefit any member of your family, from infants on up. We provide a full lineup of smile care services that will help everyone enjoy healthier, happier smiles. Even children who are just getting their first tooth should see a dentist to ensure that there aren’t any developing problems.

What should I look for in a family dentist?

First, you should look for a dentist office with the skills and experience you can trust your family’s smiles to. It should be an office that routinely treats patients of all ages and can adapt treatment to any age group. You may also want to consider amenities as well as sedation options in case a family member is nervous about their treatment.

Why should I go to a family dentist?

A good family dentist should be able to provide the care your entire family needs. By having a single dentist office for everyone in the house, you’ll save time, money, and hassle over driving to different dentists for each family member. Plus, all your dental records will be in one convenient location if you move out of the area and need to forward the records to a new dentist office.