Dentures Reveal A Youthful & Durable Smile!
  • Enjoy a younger, healthier look with dentures
  • Enjoy temporary dentures while your mouth heals
  • Avoid bone loss in your jaw with dental implant dentures

Get Your Full Oral Function Back With Dentures in Calallen Corpus Christi

You may assume you’ll have limited choices for dentures in Calallen Corpus Christi. In the past, that would have been true. With today’s replacement teeth, however, you can enjoy more options than ever. To avoid many of the downsides of conventional dentures, we can even attach your new teeth to dental implants.

With modern dentures you can:

  • Chew your favorite foods again
  • Enjoy clear speech without slurring, so people understand you
  • Smile freely without trying to cover missing teeth
  • Be confident your smile isn’t making you look older
  • Discover the right option for your budget and your lifestyle

To explore which kinds of dentures may be right for you, call us today at 361-317-7226.

Get a Stable Bite With Implant Dentures

One of the downsides of conventional dentures is how they simply sit on your gums, held in place by suction and adhesive if you use it. This means they can slip or become dislodged when you eat certain foods or even just laugh loudly. You can keep your teeth securely in place by attaching them to dental implants.

Implant dentures offer other benefits too:

  • Don’t need adhesive or periodic relinings (adjustments) for a secure fit
  • Offer a feel and function similar to natural teeth
  • Stimulate your jaw so you won’t experience the bone loss that occurs with conventional dentures
  • Require no special cleaning solutions or care routines

We Offer Conventional Dentures Too

If dental implant dentures aren’t right for you, you can choose another option:

  • Full Dentures – These replacement teeth are often the most affordable choice for a full-mouth restoration.
  • Partial Dentures – You can fill gaps left by multiple missing teeth with these dentures that clip onto your nearby teeth.
  • Temporary Dentures – You can wear these temporary teeth while your mouth heals from extractions. They help protect soft tissue and minimize bleeding. Plus, you can enjoy a full smile right away!

For dentures in Calallen Corpus Christi, call 361-317-7226 or schedule online.

Common Questions About Dentures

When are dentures necessary?

If you’re missing all or nearly all your teeth on your upper or lower jaw, then dentures may be just what you’ve been looking for. Conventional full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth, while partial dentures are used when you have a few natural teeth remaining. Dentures can even be anchored to a set of dental implants for optimal comfort and stability.

What are dentures made from?

The price point of your dentures will largely determine what they’re made from. However, it is common to use acrylic for the base of the teeth (the part that looks like your gums). It will be laid over a metal framework for added strength. The teeth are usually made from porcelain because this material looks the most natural, although acrylic resin is sometimes used because of its light weight and lower cost.

How long does it take to get dentures?

Our team will take a set of digital impressions that our lab partner will use to craft your custom dentures. It usually takes one to two weeks for them to be made and arrive back at our office. You’ll return for a fitting and adjustment to ensure that your new teeth perform exactly as intended and that your smile looks natural.

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