Maintain Your Healthy Smile With Dental Crowns & Bridges in Rockport

Missing or damaged teeth can make your smile look old before its time. Take years off your appearance by letting our team repair your teeth with dental crowns and bridges in Rockport. These custom-made dental restorations will:

  • Give your smile a younger and more attractive appearance
  • Allow you to chew comfortably so you can enjoy your favorite meals
  • Leave your teeth less prone to infection and other problems
  • Replace a single tooth or several missing teeth
  • Save teeth endangered by decay or infection

To rebuild your smile with crowns and bridges, call us today at 361-209-8609. We’ll assess your condition using advanced technology like digital X-rays.

Save Your Smile With Dental Restorations & Get Added Benefits With Implants

A dental crown can:

  • Fix severe decay, cracks, or breaks
  • Cover the opening in a tooth left by a root canal procedure
  • Hide cosmetic issues such as stains or misshapen teeth

A fixed bridge is a restoration that replaces one tooth or several adjacent teeth. To support the bridge, your dentist places crowns on the teeth surrounding the gap in your smile. Unlike dentures, a bridge doesn’t need to be removed for cleaning.

We’ll numb your mouth with Oraqix anesthesia prior to your procedure. You can also receive dental sedation if you’d like.

Dental implants can be used to support crowns or a bridge to replace one or several missing teeth. In either case, they offer these advantages:

  • You can replace one tooth with a single crown attached to a single implant. This avoids the need for a fixed bridge, which would require the modification of healthy teeth. In addition, it keeps your jawbone from shrinking by providing stimulation when you chew.
  • Supporting a bridge with implants instead of natural teeth means less impact on surrounding teeth. Like an implant crown, it keeps your jaw strong.

To make your natural teeth last, restore them with dental crowns and bridges in Rockport. Call Sabal Dental at 361-209-8609 or set up an appointment online.