Beat Sleep Apnea in Rockport & Rest Soundly Again

If you’re getting the right amount of sleep each night, you should wake up in the morning feeling rested . But if you have sleep apnea in Rockport, you wake up still feeling tired. You may also have an uncomfortably dry mouth and a headache. But at Sabal Dental, we can help you stop suffering from sleep apnea symptoms with a custom oral appliance.

This device will:

  • Keep your airway clear while you’re sleeping so you can breathe easily
  • Be comfortable to wear, without a mask obstructing your face
  • Work silently, unlike a CPAP machine
  • Eliminate unpleasant sleep apnea symptoms like headaches
  • Help you feel alert and rested all day
  • Lower your risk of health problems linked to apnea, including high blood pressure and heart disease

If your snoring is keeping you – or your partner – awake at night, ask us about a sleep apnea evaluation at your next dental exam. If you’d rather not wait, call us today at 361-209-8609. We can help arrange a sleep test for you, if one is needed.

Choose a Comfortable & Hassle-Free Alternative to a CPAP

The key to treating obstructive sleep apnea is ensuring your airway doesn’t become blocked while you sleep. The two most common methods to keep your airway open are a CPAP machine and a sleep apnea appliance. The CPAP uses a stream of pressurized air. The appliance, worn like a mouthguard, simply moves your jaw forward into a position that clears the airway.

More severe cases of apnea will likely require a CPAP. But mild to moderate cases can be treated with an appliance. The appliance is:

  • Less Distracting – The appliance fits inside your mouth. Unlike a CPAP with its face mask, your partner likely won’t even notice it. Also unlike a CPAP, an appliance works soundlessly.
  • Easier to Use – You won’t need batteries, electrical outlets, or any special supplies like distilled water for your appliance. Simply pop it into your mouth!
  • More Comfortable – Inhaling pressurized air all night from a CPAP can leave you with an uncomfortably dry mouth.

Stop suffering and start getting the rest your body needs. To treat your sleep apnea in Rockport, call Sabal Dental at 361-209-8609 or schedule online.