Reveal Straight Teeth With Aligners
  • Move your teeth discreetly with clear aligners
  • New patients can get $500 off Invisalign
  • Get a preview of your new smile before you begin

Straighten Your Crooked Smile With Invisalign in Harlingen

You can get your smile in order without wearing braces for years. Instead, ask about Invisalign in Harlingen. This orthodontic treatment can:

  • Correct issues with your bite
  • Realign crooked and crowded teeth
  • Close spaces between your teeth
  • Give you more confidence in your smile

Want to know more about how clear aligners can help? Call 956-275-7596 to get started on your smile with a consultation at Sabal Dental.

Seeing what your smile could look like can make a difference in your decision to move forward with orthodontic care. Using the technology at our office, we can give you a digital smile preview, so you can see how your teeth could change with Invisalign.

Take a Clear Path to Reach Your Smile Goals

Do you dream about having teeth that are straight and well-aligned? There are good reasons that you might. Straight teeth are better for your oral health because they are easier to clean. That makes your daily brushing and flossing and your professional cleanings more effective.

Even so, many people are more turned off by braces than by crooked smiles. If you are one of them, Invisalign has some advantages over brackets and wires:

  • Discreet – Invisalign aligners are made of clear plastic and custom-made for your teeth. When you put them on, most people won’t know you are wearing them.
  • Comfortable – Braces can irritate the soft tissues inside your mouth. In contrast, the aligners are smooth, making them more comfortable to wear.
  • Removable – Your braces aren’t coming off no matter how uncomfortable they may be at times. Aligners, on the other hand, can be removed for a few hours each day.
  • Convenient – By taking out your aligners, you can eat anything you would like during your Invisalign treatment. You also can brush and floss your teeth just as you do now.

Invisalign treatment has been around for decades, and this system has helped many adults and teens create the smiles of their dreams. In fact, clear aligners are part of the reason roughly one in four orthodontic patients is an adult. You may even want to combine Invisalign with our cosmetic services for a complete smile makeover.

If you are interested in straighter teeth, you owe it to yourself to ask about Invisalign in Harlingen, TX. Call 956-275-7596 to request the appointment that could be your first step toward a better smile. You can also make an appointment online.

Common Questions About Invisalign

How does Invisalign move teeth?

Invisalign works utilizing a series of clear plastic teeth aligners rather than metal wires, brackets, and bands. The smooth aligners fit comfortably and snugly over your teeth and carefully move them into their appropriate position all at once rather than individually like metal braces do. You will change out the slightly different aligners every two weeks until your teeth are straight.

Can Invisalign fix gaps?

Yes, Invisalign can fix gaps in your teeth. Invisalign is useful for correcting lots of orthodontic conditions, including uneven teeth, crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites. We can use Invisalign to move your teeth into line and provide you a stunning smile that you’ll take pride in displaying everywhere you go.

What is Invisalign made from?

Invisalign is made from clear, durable, BPA-free plastic that is flexible enough to fit comfortably over your teeth. This material enables the aligners to use gentle, consistent force that speeds up your treatment time with foreseeable results. Only Invisalign utilizes the SmartTrack® material for its aligners for improved comfort and precise fit.

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