Why Choose Us

Visit A Dentist Who Prioritizes Comfort
  • Receive dental sedation if you need it
  • Benefit from our use of digital technology
  • Get cozy with a pillow & blanket
Modern Treatment
Modern Treatment

Digital technology simplifies many aspects of your treatment. Plus, we also offer some of the latest procedures, including All-on-4® dental implants for replacing a full arch of teeth.

Pain-Free Procedures
Pain-Free Procedures

We’ve eliminated discomfort with our syringe-free local anesthesia to numb your mouth. To ease anxiety, you can inhale fast-acting laughing gas. You won’t feel groggy afterward

Welcoming Atmosphere
Welcoming Atmosphere

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the special touches that make our office feel like home. Enjoy a refreshment or relax with a pillow or blanket during your appointment.

Visit Us for Simple & Stress-Free Dentistry In McAllen

When our team promises to provide simple and stress-free dentistry in McAllen, we really mean it. From scheduling to payment and everything in between, we make your family’s experience as friction-free as possible. Perhaps most important, we eliminate the need to visit different dentists with different specialties by offering comprehensive dental care.

In addition to a wide range of services, you’ll find:

  • A team who takes the time to get to know you
  • Personalized treatment plans for achieving your smile goals
  • Laughing gas, a form of sedation that is safe enough for your whole family, even young children
  • A beverage station and other welcoming touches to help you relax
  • Convenient scheduling options, including Friday hours
  • Patient-friendly equipment like laser technology for early cavity detection

Experience dentistry that is simple and stress-free! Call us today at 956-247-4994 to schedule an appointment.

Take Advantage of Our Comprehensive Dental Care

If you’ve ever needed to visit a specialist for dental care, you likely experienced added hassle and expense. Referrals to outside doctors are rare at our practice, thanks to our wide range of services. From basic services like cleanings and exams to complex full-mouth reconstructions with dental implants, you’ll find all the smile care you’re likely to need.

You can receive:

  • General Dental Care – In addition to exams and cleanings, we offer preventive treatments like dental sealants.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – Transform your smile with a wide variety of cosmetic services, including dental veneers and Invisalign orthodontics.
  • Restorative Dentistry – We use fillings, crowns, and root canals to repair all kinds of dental damage.
  • Oral Surgery – Your dentist can remove most problem teeth, including wisdom teeth; strengthen your jaw with a bone graft; or perform a gum graft.
  • Replacement TeethDental implants can do everything from replacing one tooth to rebuilding an entire smile. You can also choose traditional dental bridges or dentures instead of implants.
  • TMJ Treatment – Don’t suffer from nagging jaw pain! Find relief with a custom-made mouthguard.
  • Sleep Apnea Treatment – A mouthguard can also keep your airway clear so you can breathe easily throughout the night.

For stress-free dentistry in McAllen, call Sabal Dental at 956-247-4994. You can also schedule online.