Gum Disease Treatment Restore Your Gum Health
  • Expect the best care from a board-certified periodontist
  • Prevent the further spread of gum disease infection
  • Experience effective gum recession treatment

Keep Your Mouth Healthy With Gum Disease Treatment in McAllen

Gum disease is a bacterial infection which left untreated can create a path of destruction in your mouth, including possible tooth loss. Your routine dental checkups at Sabal Dental help you prevent it and allow us to catch it early before it destroys your smile. Our gum disease treatment in McAllen, TX will:

  • Stop gum disease infection from progressing
  • Prevent the deterioration of your jawbone and gums
  • Reduce your risk for related health complications
  • Help you avoid tooth loss and other oral health issues
  • Relieve swollen gums, bad breath, and other symptoms
  • Improve oral function and decrease tooth sensitivity

To find out if gum disease is threatening your oral health, call Sabal Dental for solutions at 956-247-4994. With pain-free numbing and advanced dental lasers, our gum procedures are comfortable and efficient. We’re happy to also provide dental sedation to help you feel more relaxed.

Receive Treatment From a Skilled Periodontist

At Sabal Dental, you will receive expert care from our board-certified periodontist who has specialized training in issues that affect your gum health. Our patients appreciate the advantages of choosing a dental practice with a gum specialist on staff who can address the unique challenges of gum disease.

During a comprehensive dental exam, we will be able to spot gum disease infection and suggest fast, effective treatment to stop it in its tracks. We may begin by performing a therapeutic deep cleaning, also called scaling and root planing. This involves:

  • Carefully removing any buildup of plaque, tartar, and bacteria in your mouth, especially below and around the gumline
  • Smoothing out your tooth roots so that bacteria can’t collect in those areas as easily

If you’ve suffered from more significant periodontal infection, you may need gum recession treatment. We can provide that here with gum grafting or at our Calallen location with the advanced Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique. Regardless, we’ll make sure your gums are restored and your smile stays healthy!

Don’t take chances with your oral and overall health. Call Sabal Dental today at 956-247-4994 for gum disease treatment in McAllen, TX. You can also schedule online.

Common Questions About Gum Disease Treatment

Is gum disease treatment painful?

Your gum disease treatment should be painless. Your doctor or hygienist will administer Oraqix that will instantly numb your gums so that you don’t feel any pain throughout your treatment. We also provide inhaled sedation using laughing gas that will assist in removing any dental anxiety you might be feeling.

What causes gum disease?

Bacteria in your mouth feed on food particles that get caught in between your teeth and under your gums. In time, the bacteria can multiply and form pockets of infection beneath your gumline. Left without treatment, these pockets can become uncomfortable, leading to bleeding when you floss or brush and potentially resulting in missing teeth.

How long does gum disease treatment take?

For many gum disease treatments, it will take about an hour. Your dentist or hygienist will carefully get rid of all the built-up tartar and plaque from around and below your gumline so that your gums can start to heal. Depending upon your circumstances, your treatment time could be longer or shorter.