Tooth Removal / Extractions

Enjoy Eating Without Pain

Improve Your Oral Health Through Tooth Removal in McAllen

You want to keep your teeth in your mouth, and more often than not, we want the same thing for you. With certain dental issues, though, it can be in your best interest to schedule a tooth removal in McAllen, TX. We can perform this oral surgery so you can:

  • Stop dental pain
  • Get rid of an infection
  • Avoid problems due to crowded or impacted teeth
  • Prepare your mouth for treatments like dentures or orthodontics

If you need a tooth extraction, it’s time to plan a visit to Sabal Dental. Call 956-247-4994 today to make an appointment at our office.

Directly Address Your Dental Problems With Tooth Extractions

Taking out teeth is something we take seriously. We know this kind of procedure can cause dental anxiety, which is why we make every effort to keep you comfortable and relaxed. In addition to providing pillows and blankets to keep you cozy, we will thoroughly numb the affected area. We also offer sedation dentistry to block pain and ease your mind.

There are multiple reasons you may need to have a tooth taken out, including infected or abscessed teeth, severe tooth decay, advanced gum disease, impacted teeth, or crowded or poorly positioned teeth. Digital X-rays and intraoral cameras improve our ability to examine and diagnose your situation. If a tooth can be saved, restorative dentistry may be in order. If a tooth needs to be taken out, it is often a good idea to replace it with a dental implant and a crown.

Tooth removal can be invaluable for your long-term oral health for multiple reasons:

  • If your teeth are too crowded, it can complicate orthodontic care, such as Invisalign. Removing a tooth or a few teeth can reduce the time it takes to create a straight smile.
  • If an infected tooth isn’t removed, that infection could spread to other parts of your mouth.
  • When you are already missing several teeth, removing the few that you still have can make it simpler to get implant-supported dentures, which can function like healthy, natural teeth.

Head Off Problems by Removing Wisdom Teeth

Your third molars, or wisdom teeth, typically erupt between 17 and 21 years of age. Unfortunately, they often cause more trouble than they are worth. Many people have jaws that are too small for these teeth to emerge correctly. When this happens, your teeth can become impacted and start pushing into nearby teeth. This can change your bite and harm the appearance of your smile. Leaving impacted teeth in can increase your risk of tooth decay and gum infections in the back of your mouth.

We can monitor the development of your wisdom teeth if you visit us for routine oral care. Any time we notice a potential problem, we will let you know. By extracting your problematic teeth early, you can spare yourself the painful consequences that can occur.

By coming to Sabal Dental, you can receive tooth removal in McAllen, TX from a dental team that you already trust with your oral health. Call 956-247-4994 or schedule online to make an appointment. Find out if a tooth extraction or one of our many other services could benefit you.

Common Questions About Tooth Removal / Extractions

When is a tooth extraction necessary?

The team at Sabal Dental will do what we can to keep your natural teeth whenever possible. Removal will end up being necessary if a tooth is beyond repair, however. Left alone, an infected tooth can harm your other teeth and gums, causing more issues and costing you more money in the long run.

How much does a tooth extraction cost?

When it comes to a tooth extraction, or any other kind of oral surgery, each case is unique. The cost will ultimately depend on which tooth needs extraction along with the overall condition of your mouth and whether you need sedation. We urge you to come in for an examination and X-rays so we can give you an accurate idea of the cost.

Are tooth extractions painful?

You can feel great knowing our skilled dental team will do all we can to ensure your tooth removal is as comfortable as possible. We’ll take a set of digital X-rays to assist us in planning your treatment, then we’ll use an anesthetic to ensure the area we’re dealing with is fully numb. We even have laughing gas to remove your dental anxiety so you can relax.