Relieving Dental Anxiety Call Today For Comfortable Dentistry!
  • Stay relaxed with sedation dentistry
  • Receive Oraqix pain-free local anesthetic
  • Advanced technology improves visits

Get Assistance Relieving Dental Anxiety in McAllen

Fear of the dentist affects as many as one in seven Americans. To make visits to the dentist easier, come to our office to get help with relieving dental anxiety in McAllen. We have assisted many patients who want to:

  • Remain calm during dental visits
  • Receive pain-free dental care
  • Improve or maintain their oral health
  • Feel confident about their smiles

Skipping the dentist can be harmful to your oral health. We can ease you back into a dental chair. Call 956-247-4994 to visit Sabal Dental and experience our patient-first approach to care.

Enjoy Pain-Free Check-ups With Us

Your comfort matters to every member of our team. We work hard to take the stress out of dental care. We have cultivated a friendly environment, on-time appointments, and a gentle approach to patient care as a part of our general dentistry.

To keep you as comfortable as possible, we use:

  • Oraqix – This modern, fast-acting numbing agent can help you get the care you deserve, even if you are afraid of receiving local anesthesia.
  • Dental Sedation – Laughing gas is another fast and effective way to block pain. This is useful for everything from dental cleanings to restorative treatments.
  • Comfort Amenities – Enjoy a beverage or get cozy with a pillow and blanket. Your physical comfort can ease your mind as well.
  • Advanced Technology – Digital X-rays and intraoral cameras help us examine your mouth quicker, so you spend less time in a dental chair.

Our attentive dental professionals want your time with us to run as smoothly as possible. Our patients often tell us that they know we truly care about them. At Sabal Dental, you should feel like you’re visiting friends.

A bad dental experience and worries about pain or gagging are just a few reasons you may have concerns about coming to the dentist’s office. Just know that if you haven’t been to the dentist in years or even decades, you will be welcomed at our practice. We listen to your concerns to come up with a plan to make things easier for you.

In McAllen, relieving dental anxiety has real benefits for your oral health. Discover how our patient-first approach can work for you. Call 956-247-4994 for an appointment or schedule online.

Common Questions About Relieving Dental Anxiety

Can you help with relieving dental anxiety?

Yes, we would love the chance to assist you in overcoming your dental anxiety and getting the dental care you require. Our group is fully trained to help even the most distressed patients relax and feel comfortable in our dental chair. For many years, numerous patients have benefited from our relaxing and caring approach to dentistry.

What can you do to relieve dental anxiety?

We provide laughing gas to help get rid of any stress and anxiety you’re experiencing. This gentle sedative will give you a warm, tingly feeling all over and might even make you feel slightly giddy. It’s even save for children! We also have a number of relaxing amenities to allow you to feel comfortable.

Are there steps I can take at home to relieve dental anxiety?

We believe the more you prepare in the home, the better your dental experience will be. If you start to feel anxious about your dental work, take 6 to 10 deep breaths slowly. Doing so will help you feel calmer and reduce your heart rate. It also helps to picture yourself lying back pleasantly in the dental chair at our modern office. You can use these techniques here when it comes time for your appointment.