Oral Surgery Get Relief With Surgery Procedures
  • Relax during surgery with inhaled sedation
  • Become an implant candidate with a bone graft
  • Don’t suffer with painful problem teeth

Maintain Your Dental Health With McAllen Oral Surgery

Even people who have no qualms about most dental work may feel anxious about oral surgery in McAllen. There’s no need to worry, however. We’ll keep you comfortable during your procedure and ensure your recovery goes well. Whether you’re receiving a tooth extraction or another oral surgery procedure, you’ll benefit from:

  • Digital X-rays and other advanced technology that helps us plan your surgery
  • Our comfortable method of numbing your mouth with local anesthesia
  • Soothing laughing gas to keep you relaxed throughout your procedure
  • Treatments to restore bone or gum tissue damaged by disease or other factors
  • Dental implants and other replacements for teeth that have been removed
  • Same-day emergency care, whenever possible, for situations where you are in pain

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We’ll Help You Make an Informed Decision About Your Oral Health

Gum disease, infection, or severe dental decay can cause damage that requires a surgical procedure to protect your oral health. While we may be able to repair natural teeth with restorative dentistry, sometimes surgery is the best choice. To help you identify the best option, we will:

  • Use advanced technology like digital X-rays to assess your condition
  • Present possible treatments
  • Review your medical history and other factors
  • Discuss what will happen during each procedure so you know what to expect
  • Answer all of your questions

Keep Your Mouth Healthy With Oral Surgery Procedures

You will save time and money by receiving these oral surgery procedures in our office instead of going to an outside oral surgeon:

  • Tooth Extractions – Whether you need to have teeth removed for pain relief or to make room for dentures or other dental restorations, your dentist can handle most extractions.
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal – Removing third molars can prevent overcrowding and other issues that adversely impact other teeth.
  • Gum Grafts – A grafting procedure restores a gumline damaged by disease or other factors.
  • Bone Grafts – A bone graft can strengthen your jaw to prepare it for implant placement.

For oral surgery in McAllen, call Sabal Dental at 956-247-4994 for an appointment or schedule online.

Common Questions About Oral Surgery

Is there much pain after oral surgery?

The kind of oral surgery you need may affect how much discomfort you feel, but rest assured our goal is always to provide the most worry-free dental care we can. For the majority of our oral surgery procedures, over-the-counter pain relievers will take care of any discomfort. Your dentist can prescribe something stronger to help you through the recovery process if needed.

Does health insurance cover oral surgery?

Generally speaking, health insurance policies are very specific about what they will and won’t cover. It is best to talk to your particular provider to find out if your treatment will be covered and just how much your portion will cost. Bear in mind, we provide a number of flexible payment choices in addition to third-party financing through CareCredit.

When can I exercise after oral surgery?

For the first 24 hours after oral surgery, do not exercise at all. Doing excessive activities too fast can actually cause problems and drag out your healing. Overexertion can loosen the blood clot from an extraction location and cause an uncomfortable condition known as a dry socket. After the initial 24 hours, restrict your workout to low-impact activities for several more days.