Mend Your Smile With Dental Crowns & Bridges in McAllen

Your smile should open doors, not close them. Yet damaged and missing teeth can force you to make many compromises, like skipping favorite foods or covering your mouth with your hand when you smile. Don’t let dental damage hold you back! Our team can use dental crowns and bridges in McAllen to:

  • Improve your smile’s appearance so you won’t hesitate to show it
  • Repair damage that affects your dental health and your overall health
  • Restore your full oral function so you can eat all kinds of foods
  • Replace one or several missing teeth
  • Keep bacteria from getting inside your tooth

If you’re ready to resolve problems associated with missing and damaged teeth, call us today at 956-247-4994. You’ll enjoy comfortable care with advanced technology. We use Oraqix for numbing and digital X-rays to assess your condition and plan your treatment.

Find Restorations for Every Dental Problem

With your dentist’s expertise and advanced training, you’ll get the restorative care your smile needs. We’ll help you find the one that is best suited to your smile:

  • Single Crown for Repair – There’s no dental restoration more versatile than a crown. Since it completely covers your tooth, it can repair even severe damage.
  • Single Crown for Tooth Replacement – Your dentist can restore a single dental implant with a single crown to replace one tooth. The implant keeps you from suffering bone loss in your jaw.
  • Conventional Fixed Bridge – A bridge, which can replace one tooth or several teeth, is supported by your teeth on either side of a gap in your smile.
  • Implant-Supported Bridge – To replace teeth with a conventional bridge, we’ll need to place crowns on the teeth surrounding your smile gap – something you may not want to do. Your dentist can place crowns on implants instead, so you can keep your natural teeth intact.

For dental crowns and bridges in McAllen, call Sabal Dental at 956-247-4994 or schedule online.