Get Dental Veneers in Rockdale to Enhance Your Smile

Few people are blessed with a naturally perfect set of teeth. Yet most of us have an idea of what our perfect smile would look like. By getting dental veneers in Rockdale, TX, you can take that idea and turn it into reality. With your veneers, you can:

  • Have a bright smile
  • Make your smile look straight
  • Close spaces between your teeth
  • Fix chipped and broken teeth
  • Give your smile a younger appearance
  • Feel more confident in your smile and yourself

Veneers can help you feel good about sharing your happiness with the people around you at social events and on social media. Give yourself a better smile by visiting Sabal Dental. Call 512-598-9906 to schedule a consultation.

Choose Laminates for an Amazing Smile

Veneers, also known as laminates, are one of the most efficient ways to change the way your teeth look. Veneers are also one of our the most versatile cosmetic services. With resin or porcelain veneers, you can transform your teeth in as few as one or two appointments. Veneers can be used to change a single tooth or every tooth that is visible when you smile.

Here’s how it’s typically done:

  • We apply local anesthetic to the teeth that will be changed.
  • We buff away a small portion of enamel (around half a millimeter) to make room for your veneers.
  • You bite into a mold, which is sent to a dental lab.
  • The lab makes custom-designed veneers to fit your teeth and give them the appearance you desire.
  • When your veneers are ready, you will come back so we can place them on your teeth.
  • You enjoy showing off your new smile!

Your teeth veneers can last for several years with proper care. On their own, they are a great service. You also can make them part of a bigger smile makeover by combining them with orthodontic treatment or restorative care.

Build the best smile that you can imagine by getting dental veneers in Rockdale, TX. Call 512-598-9906 now or schedule online to set up an appointment at Sabal Dental.