Share Your Complete Smile With Partial Dentures in Rockdale

If you are missing multiple teeth, you could get a dental bridge to replace them. That isn’t your only restorative option, however. You also can get partial dentures in Rockdale, TX. You may choose partials because they:

  • Are an affordable teeth replacement option
  • Can be removed for cleaning
  • Provide you with a complete smile again
  • Can act as a temporary fix until you can get a permanent solution

It may take a little time to adjust to replacement teeth. Even so, many people that they can have much of their original tooth function in time. Discover if you are a good candidate for these new teeth by calling Sabal Dental at 512-598-9906 for an appointment.

Replace What You’ve Lost With Our Dentures

Our partials are custom-made, so they visually blend in with the natural teeth that you still have. Getting your new teeth is a relatively simple process:

  • Get an impression of your mouth and remaining teeth.
  • A dental lab uses the impression to create your partial dentures.
  • You return to our office when your dentures are ready to ensure they fit correctly.
  • You leave with what looks like a full set of teeth.

After you get your partials, it is important to keep up your oral care routine. You need to brush and floss your remaining teeth, and you need to remove and clean your dentures daily. You also should visit us a few times each year for professional cleanings and exams. If your mouth has changed or your dentures are worn-down, we want you to know as soon as possible. This way you can get them replaced or relined.

You can start feeling like your whole self again with partial dentures in Rockdale, TX. Call us today at  512-598-9906 or schedule online for an appointment at Sabal Dental.